Why go (or stay) organic?

The word organic has been one of the buzzwords in the past years, heard so many times you just might start to doubt if it’s just one of those passing fads. But we assure you it is not. It may remain in the spotlight or not, but its benefits are genuine.

Demystifying organic

So, what does organic actually mean? Put simply, organic farming does not involve use of any chemicals (such as fertilizers or pesticides) and the same applies in the further processes of production. Understandably, that makes the whole process a lot harder, which is often reflected on the price tag. But let’s see why it’s worth it…

Why organic?

Chemicals that are contained in the synthetic products are toxic. Some more, some less. Although they don’t all end up in our bloodstream, some might cause problems immediately (rashes, itching and irritation) and some in the long run (inflammations, hormonal imbalances or other disorders). Either way, not good. Of course, you might have a reaction to some natural ingredients as well, but not as serious as with the chemicals.

Never too late

If you’ve been using synthetic products all your life, don’t feel discouraged and think it is pointless to make the shift towards organic now. We assure you, it’s never too late or too little. Even if it is just one product you are substituting for the organic version, your internal organs will be thankful. Our bodies have mechanisms to deal with toxins but they need our support. The best thing we can do is to restrict the intake of toxins only to the ones we cannot easily avoid (chemicals in the air we breathe, water we drink, etc.).

And the decision what you put on your skin is definitely in your hands.



People tend to pay more attention to what they intake in terms of food, but with little regard to what they put on their skin. Knowing that the skin is the largest organ, it is well worth taking care of it the right way, and using organic skin products. It is necessary to realize that cosmetics you use is as important as the food you eat, if not more important.

Have mercy towards your body and give it organic ingredients that are the building blocks for the overall health.

Fake organic

If you think some brands might take advantage of the organic label, take a look at their ingredients list – with organic products less is always more. Also, see if they have certificates for the origin of the ingredients – Natrue Organic Product certificate is always a sign you have the quality organic product in your hands. Vegan is also nice to have.


fake organic

Quarnero organic products

Quarnero body oils are all organic, and our bath salts are harvested from the Adriatic. We make small batches of products using only organic oils, native and wild herbs. We combine such pure and potent ingredients with the knowledge of modern science to create efficient, clean formulas and deliver holistic healing and wellbeing to skin and body.

So, if you’re already on the organic path, keep up the good work. If not, give it a chance and feel the difference. Your body, inside and outside, will appreciate the shift.

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