The incomparable experience of wellbeing

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As a beauty professional, you always want to choose the most effective, well-formulated products and treatments that answer your client’s needs and expectations.

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St. George Care, Hotel St.George

HELSINKI, finland

Hilton Costabella Resort & Spa

Rijeka, croatia

Spa Clinic – Hotel Bellevue

Lošinj, Croatia

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The incomparable experience
of wellbeing

Our unique oils are a mixture of organic cold-pressed sesame oil and pure essential oils from bergamot, lavender, rosemary, lemon peel, geranium and peppermint. We use only native plants and wild herbs from selected Mediterranean micro-locations. They contain the highest-quality organic sesame oil – the carrier and base oil in each product – which is beneficial for both the client’s and therapist’s skin and health, the science speaks in our favor.

Our oils absorb quickly and deeply regenerate the body while balancing mind and soul. What’s more, the skin becomes incredibly soft and smooth. They have precious herbal fragrances which stay on the skin, increasing the treatment’s positive effects.


Quarnero oils offer our guests an exquisite relaxing massage experience both considering senses and skincare. Carefully selected high quality ingredients and unique experiences, which Quarnero products stand for, belong to our most appreciated values at Hotel St. George in Helsinki.

Linda Ekholm, July 2021
Head of Wellbeing Experiences / Hotel St. George


When I want to have immediate and long term benefit for the health of my clients – for their skin, respiratory performance and digestive health – I always choose Quarnero oils. Guests recognizes and reacts to this natural aromatherapy properties derives from Kvarner nature, from this rich Mediterranean garden. Enjoy for all senses and truly healthy.

Dr.Meri Bura
founder of the Mulier method


We are incredibly proud to feature Quarnero at our Losinj Hotels and Villas Luxury Collection properties. The aromatherapy oils are some of the best I’ve seen, delicate yet powerful and beautifully crafted. We look forward to many more wonderful spa products to come from Quarnero!

Melissa Metler, April 2021
Luxury Spa Consultant


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