How we began....

The connection between products of the company Quarnero and the Kvarner region lies in the tradition of over a hundred years of using wild plants in Health Resorts in the region that rose in tourism because of the ideal climate, overwhelming unique fusion of sea and mountains with all the benefits for health. These are the foundations that built the first health centres in Opatija, Crikvenica, Lošinj and such guidelines of tourist development have been active till today in numerous wellness centres. Even today, visitors from all parts of the world choose Kvarner as a destination because of its unforgettable walks through nature in combination with anti-stress and vital programs, massages, aroma-therapies. Inspired by tradition, the company Quarnero creates oil for body care, bath salts and oils for professional massages.

The story and Quarnaro 's products perfectly fit into the tradition of the Kvarner region, which dates back to back in 1885 and Andrija Linardić with a distillery on the island of Cres, which makes the characteristics of the island’s plants recognizable and these oils at that time were even known in America. The benefits of sage, immortelle, bay leaves, fennel, lavender from one of the best micro locations in the world were recognizable in the world through history, and such a tradition in the demanding international market is continued thanks to the enthusiasm and love of the company Quarnero.

Alchemists in their books claim that for every disease there is a plant. The company philosophy of Quarnero wants to help the modern man to become aware of the importance of returning to nature and medicinal plants as it was done in ancient times, and where classical medicine is turning.

The company Quarnero in their approach gives priority to comprehensive health, and then the aesthetic component.