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Bio-organic body care oils certificated by NATRUE, sutable for Vegans

Year-round skin nourishment for all skin types

A mixture of pure, essential bio-organic oils and a base of high quality, cold-pressed sesame oil, easily and quickly absorbed, regenerates and protects your skin giving it a seductive fragrance and a unique sense of smoothness.

A hand-made mixture of natural ingredients has been selected with care for the optimal relaxing effect. 

Scent of Mediterranean – spirit           ( Synergy that refreshes and balance )
Scent of Mediterranean – relax           ( Synergy that soothes and gives a pleasant feeling )
Scent of Mediterranean – refresh       ( Synergy that gives a distinct freshness and is stimulating )
Scent of Mediterranean – sensual     ( Balances hormones and emotions, and awakens sensuality )






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